Tilman Lewis

improvising cellist


The Knot, a transgressive cello duo with Nick Storring, has been my principal creative project. Using audacious contra-techniques, we go to startlingly discordant places. But almost despite ourselves, beauty bursts through. Jakob Rehlinger @ Arachnidiscs nailed it: “somewhere between the gravel pit and the northern lights.” No processing; no phone-ins.

I’ve also been privileged to collaborate with many committed sound travellers. A few highlights:

  • Members of the legendary improvising collective CCMC (Michael Snow, John Kamevaar). Check out our November 2019 set with Rick Sacks also sitting in
  • Indie iconoclast Slim Twig. Check out Gate Hearing, White Fantaseee
  • Haunting songsmith Clara Engel. Check out Secret Beasts
  • Quorum, a fine ensemble of deep-end improvisors. Check out Gestation
  • The inimitable Anthony Braxton leading the AIMToronto Orchestra. Check out Creative Orchestra (Guelph) 2007
  • Dronemeister Aidan Baker. Check out Liminoid
  • Composer/instigator Kyle Brenders. Check out Ways
  • Various members of Toronto’s improvising community. Hear an evening at Audiopollination with guest artist Kathryn Ladano